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Paddle Logger Falmouth Bay Open Event Plans

Updated: Jun 25

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Get ready for some exhilarating racing and stunning coastal views at the Paddle Logger Falmouth Bay Open, the fourth stop on the 2024 Black Project GBSUP National Paddle Racing Series!

This two-day event (Saturday, June 29th and Saturday, June 30th) will be held at Gyllyngvase Beach in Falmouth, UK, and promises an action-packed weekend of SUP fun.

Paddle Logger Falmouth Bay Open Event Poster

Race Formats:

Distance Race: Set out in beautiful Falmouth Bay, the distance course is scheduled to be 10 km long. All fleets will start and finish at the beach, with competitive fleets completing two laps of the 5 km course and Challenge Tour and Junior paddlers completing a single lap to experience what racing is all about.

Falmouth Bay Open 2024 Distance Course
Distance Course Map

Course Details: The Distance race will start on the beach with a standing start just back from the shoreline. Paddlers will run into the water with their boards before paddling out to the double yellow buoy gate, paddling between the buoys (Green Line) to start their first lap of the course, making their way to Stack Point on the bay's southwest side before turning to head northeast towards Pendennis Point and then back to the double-buoy gate off Gylly Beach. Paddlers starting their second lap (Race Fleets) will pass through the gate to continue around the course. Challenge Tour Paddlers (or Race Fleets after their 2nd lap) will approach the gate and turn towards the beach for the finish (Orange Line). The finish will be a short run up the beach with the option for competitors to drop their boards at the shoreline.

Battle of the Bay Distance race

Technical Race: Using heats to a final format, expect short and fast technical racing with multiple turns and a beach start. Each lap will include a running transition around a flag on the beach. The Technical Race will be 1.5 km in total length, split over multiple laps.

Falmouth Bay Open 2024 Technical Course
Technical Course Map

Course Details: Competitors will start at the beach's southern end with a running start holding their boards. Following the green line, paddlers will reach the furthest southern Red Square marker. Paddlers will turn left toward the inner Yellow marks for a right-hand turn. Following another left-hand red marker turn, competitors will head into the beach to transition around a flag carrying their boards. Following the transition, there is another right-hand turn at a yellow marker and a final left-hand turn at the red mark closest to the beach. Paddlers will complete three laps of the course. On the final lap, following the transition and second yellow mark turn, competitors will follow the orange line to the beach finish, dropping their boards at the shoreline and running up between two flags. Challenge Tour and Juniors Paddlers will compete over two laps of the course following the same route.

GBSUP Tech Race

Tech Sprints: Short and fast racing right off the beach with a gated turn providing plenty of action in this heat to a final format. All competitors will compete in 2 heats, with the fastest paddlers progressing through to the final.

Falmouth Bay Open 2024 Tech Sprints Course
Tech Sprints Course Map

Course Details: Paddlers will start holding their boards between two flags for a running beach start and then make their way out to the gated turn 75m off the beach. At the gated turn (two yellow markers), paddlers must paddle between the buoys and then can choose whether to turn left or right around the appropriate marker. Paddlers will return to the beach for a short run between the flags, dropping their boards at the shoreline.

Annabel Page SUP Racer

National Series Scoring:

To earn an overall position and National Series Scoring, paddlers in the race fleets must complete all three formats: Distance, Tech, and Tech Sprints. The results from the individual races will be scored and then totalled to determine the overall placings for the event in the competitive fleets.

Challenge Tour:

Try your hand a racing and take on a personal challenge across our race formats. A fun run-style competition across shorter distances for the Distance and Tech races with some fun sprints as well.


This year's event includes a full rostrum of junior racing, including Distance, Technical and Tech Sprints. Our junior paddlers can test their skills over the weekend and try SUP racing in this competitive yet welcoming set of races. Ticket Entry Details:

Your event ticket automatically enters you into all the races over the weekend. You can, however, choose to enter the race you want. We will have multiple check-ins across the weekend before each race to ensure everyone is accounted for in our timings.


Team GB and Team England SUP Selection Battles:

This year's Paddle Logger Falmouth Bay Open holds extra weight as a selection event for the ICF (Team GB) and ISA (Team England) National Teams. Put your skills to the test and vie for a chance to represent your country! Selection will take place by the ISA and ICF Team Criteria, respectively.

Supported by Paddle UK and Surfing England

The Paddle Logger, Falmouth Bay Open, is proud to be supported by Paddle UK and Surfing England as the official selection event for Team GB and Team England selections.

Check out the selection policy to see if you have what it takes to represent your country on the world stage.

Selection Races:

The Distance and Tech races will be used to select ICF and ISA teams. To maintain fair and open competition and reduce interference from other racers, we will run separate starts and/or races for the selection fleet. Given that the ISA event for 2024 is using a 200m straight-line sprint format, we are running a separate selection sprint race on Saturday afternoon.

Selection Entry & Criteria

Paddlers vying for selection can compete in the specific event of their choosing and are not required to compete in the other races if they do not wish to be selected for that discipline.

To be eligible for selection, you must enter the Men's or Ladies' 14' Hardboard fleet in the Open (18+) age category. During entry, you will need to select the appropriate question response to indicate you're going for selection, and the check-in team on the day will confirm your eligibility and which races and selections you are taking part in.

ISA Sprint Selection Course

Falmouth Bay Open 2024 ISA Sprint Selection Course
ISA Sprint Selection Course Map

Course Details: Paddlers will start lined up between two red markers before competing over a 200m straight-line course to finish between two yellow markers. Paddlers must remain in their respective position paddling straight down the course and not cross over other paddlers. Only paddlers vying for ISA Sprint selection should compete in this event.

Team Selection Table: The table below outlines the appropriate team selections available for the ICF and ISA selections and how this relates to the 2024 Paddle Logger Falmouth Bay Open races.

PL Falmouth Bay Open Race

Qualification Category

Quota Available for Selection


ICF SUP Open Men SUP Open Ladies SUP Juniors Male SUP Juniors Female ISA SUP Open Men SUP Open Ladies Prone Men Prone Ladies

ICF 4 ISA 2 2 1 1


ICF SUP Open Men SUP Open Ladies SUP Juniors Male SUP Juniors Female ISA SUP Open Men SUP Open Ladies Prone Men Prone Ladies SUP Juniors Male SUP Juniors Female

ICF ISA 2 2 1 1 1 1

200m Sprints (ISA Course)

ISA SUP Open Men SUP Open Ladies

ISA 1 1

Here are some additional links that you may find helpful:

We hope to see you at the Paddle Logger Falmouth Bay Open!

Preliminary Schedule:

Saturday, June 29th:

  • 9:00 - 10:00 am - Competitor Check-in

  • 10:30 am - Distance Race Briefing

  • 11:00 am - Distance Race

  • 2:00 pm - Junior Racing

  • 3:30 - 4:00 pm ISA Sprint Selection Competition (200m straight course)*

Sunday, June 30th:

  • 9:00 am - Sprints Briefing

  • 09:30 am to 11:30 am - Sprint Heats

  • 11:30 am - Junior Tech Sprints

  • 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm Sprint Finals

  • 1:30 pm - Tech Briefing

  • 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm - Tech Race

  • 4:30 pm - Event Ceremony

Unwind and Explore the Event Village:

Take a break between races and explore the vibrant event village. Meet representatives from brands like Black Project, Infinity, SIC, Starboard, and Oscar Propulsion. Get expert advice, demo the latest gear, and support retailers Pura Vida and The SUP Store.

Media Partners:

Official Photography: Capture your race day experience with professional photos from GBSUP's official media partner, P3T Photography. Event Coverage: Stay tuned for race updates and exciting content from SUPJunkie.

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