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  • How is GBSUP run?
    GBSUP CIC is a registered community interest company (CIC) Company Number 13564888 run by volunteers as a not for profit organisation. At present, we are not affiliated with a Governing Body. The current board of directors consists of Adrian Soper, Scott Warren and Phil Mather.
  • How can you get involved?
    We are always looking for volunteers to support GBSUP across our operations and running of events. Our operational structure consists of a Directors Board, Steering Group and Working Groups. If you would like to register your interest in an operational or events volunteer role, please visit our Volunteers Hub. Here you will find more details on open positions and how to get involved.
  • Do I have to be a member of an organisation to race?
    You will need your own third party liability insurance in case you cause injury or damage to a third party, and you will need a waterways licence for races on inland waters. This can be obtained from British Canoeing by day or annual membership subject to each event, event host and organiser requirements. Full details will be within each event's description on our Events Hub here on the website.
  • How fit do I need to be to race?
    If you have any medical conditions affected by exercise or exercising outdoors, you must let us know. For each event, you will be required to complete a medical waiver, and if you have any specific requirements, please contact us at You may need to seek medical advice before competing, and you should do so if you have any concerns. If you are just getting into racing and/or do not feel you are fit enough for the main race categories, we have the Challenge Tour. This category is shorter distances than fleet racing and aimed at complete beginners in good weather conditions. If you have been training a little on technique and fitness, you are more than likely able to finish one of our fleet categories either; N1SCO, 12’6″ or 14′, provided you have one of these boards. Just go easy on yourself and be realistic about where you will place.
  • What equipment will I need to race?
    Mandatory equipment requirements to race are a Board, Paddle and Leash. You will also need to wear suitable clothing, and a wetsuit may be worn in cold weather, but this may cause you to overheat. A hydration pack is also a good idea for races lasting longer than one hour or in hot weather, and water is usually enough. Races 10km and above for new racers typically last for an hour and a half to give you some idea.
  • What can you expect before the race?
    Here's what to expect after registering for the event: Event Information: Event Page: Access a comprehensive overview of events, courses, schedules, classes, and competition rules on our website's event page. Updates: Stay informed about any schedule or configuration changes through the news section of our website and emails sent to all registered entrants. Pre-Event Communication: Paddler Pack: Receive a comprehensive Paddler Pack before the event, containing detailed information on: Site maps and locations Event Schedule Facility information Day-of requirements Additional Resources: Website: Explore our website for comprehensive event details and updates. Contact Us: Feel free to reach out with any questions. Key Reminders: Monitor your inbox and the website's news section for important updates. Refer to the event page and Paddler Pack for essential information. We're committed to keeping you informed throughout the process.
  • What are the board classes?
    Board Classes: Prone N1SCO (One Design Class) 12’6 14’0 Unlimited (for boards longer than 14’0 or with other differences and subject to availability) Further information: N1SCO (One Design Class) Here everyone is on a board with exactly the same specification. Designed by Naish, this type of racing attracts beginners and experienced racers and is all about paddler performance making it a very competitive class. The Naish One is inflatable and wider than most current race boards making it more stable and versatile. The board is 12’6″ long by 30″ wide and 6″ deep.
  • Where are the full Rules and Procedures?
    The complete rules are published here. They are approved and updated as and when (usually each year) required by the Directors Board. A notice will usually be sent via Social Media. Still, we encourage you to check back at the start of each season for any changes.
  • What are the age categories?
    The following Age Classes apply to all events: < 17 referred to as “Juniors” 18 – 39 referred to as “Seniors” 40 – 49 referred to as “Masters” 50 – 59 referred to as “Veterans” 60+ referred to as “Grand Kahuna” Note you do not need to enter an age category; we will automatically assign you based on your age. Full details can be found in our Competition Rules.
  • Who do I speak to if I have a problem or complaint?
    Please contact a GBSUP race official or Race Director if you have a problem or issue. Race Officials and Directors will be introduced during each event's Competitor Briefing and their location through the event. Evidence of rule infringements must be presented to a Race Director within 30 minutes of the finish of a race with evidence in one of three forms; witness, photo, or video. This evidence will be reviewed, and the appropriate sanction will be administered if upheld.
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