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Team England / GB Selection at the Falmouth Bay Open

This year, the Falmouth Bay Open is the selection event for Team England at the ISA Worlds, ESF EUROSUP and Team GB at the ICF World Championship competitions.


Falmouth Bay Open Competition Details

Across the two days, we are running three competitions to cover Sprint, Technical and Distance formats. Each competition will be scored in its own right allowing for a selection to be made for the respective Teams from the competition results.

Competitors may choose to enter the specific competition they wish to be selected for and are not required to enter all three competitions - note this only applies to the international selections; paddlers wishing to gain a national series result still must complete all three competitions.

Paddlers must compete in the 14' HB Open race fleet to be eligible for the respective team selections. Prone Paddlers will be selected from the Prone Open fleet.

Registration Closes - Sunday, July 2, Midnight


Event Formats

Sprints - Heats to a final format

  • 200m course with around 150m of water

  • Paddlers start on the Beach for a running start

  • Paddle out to a gated turn where paddlers can turn left or right.

  • Paddlers return to finish at the Beach by ditching their board and running up between the finish flags.

Technical Competition

  • est 500m course, including a beach transition

  • Paddlers start using a dynamic format, such as Beach start

  • Multiple laps of an M-shape course with a beach transition at the end/start of each lap

  • Paddlers finish by ditching their boards and running between the flags.

  • Proposed heats to final format (max 1.5km total distance per heat/final)

  • Possible single race depending on competitor numbers - 4.5km distance

Distance Competition

  • Course set to optimise conditions on the day

  • The ideal course is to use a wide triangle course across the bay

  • Multiple laps of large course

  • 15/16 km total distance (3 laps of ideal course)

  • Paddlers start at the water's edge or in shallows

  • Paddlers finish at the water's edge


Team Selection Process

The ISA Worlds, ESF EUROSUP (both Team England) and ICF World Championships (Team GB) follow their own individual selection policy and process. Relevant links have been included below. Please speak to the respective bodies (Surfing England and British Canoeing) for additional information or to answer any questions.


Event Dates

ISA World StandUp Paddle and Paddleboard Championships - Les Sablesd'Olonnee, France September 24 – October 1 2023

ESF EUROSUP - Peniche, Portugal 14th – 22nd October 2023

ICF World Championships - Pattaya, Thailand -15-19th November 2023


Selection & Policy Links

ISA Worlds & ESF EUROSUP - Team England (Surfing England)

ICF World Championships - Team GB (British Canoeing)


Other Home Nations - ISA and ESF EUROSUP Selection

All other home nations (except Wales) are running their own selection events for the ISA and ESF EUROSUP competitions.

At this stage, Wales is expected to also use the result from this year's Falmouth Bay Open, which will be confirmed ASAP.

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