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An Interview with the River Ninja

Grab a coffee and sit down for an interview with our March GBSUP ambassador Eric Amada, the River Ninja, filmed at this year's Gla Gla UK hosted by Surrey Hills Adventure Company.

Eric's Paddling Bio

I worked as Architect back home in the Philippines and then as a Computer Graphic Artist at the Royal Saudi Naval Forces in Saudi Arabia for 4 yrs before coming to the UK in 2006. Now working as a Support living coordinator with people with learning disabilities and Nhs mental health for young adults. I have been teaching martial arts since 2002. My passion for watersports started after the first lockdown,

First, in a kayak, then on a SUP. I was curious to keep paddling on my local river. Then it became longer and longer. After 10 months, I did 24.5miles solo paddle at the river stour.

Friends from Saltwater SUP invited me for my first fun race in Jan 2022, which opened my eyes to speed. From then on, I got involved with small and big races under GBSUP. I also took part in Paddle Skeddale and Norfolk Ultra.

Thank you to SUP Junkie for conducting the interview.

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