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Windermere Cancellation Statement

We are sorry to tell you that we have no alternative but to cancel the next event at Windermere because of events beyond our control. Our host, Daz at Windermere Canoe & Kayak, has released an official statement which I have included below.

"With a heavy sigh, we have to cancel this year's Solstice one-way paddle.

Historically we have partnered and relied on Fell Foot at the south end of the lake to receive racers at the end of their challenge; however, over the last few years, the site has been re-developed and subsequently much busier! The demand for parking space is now very high, so high that they can no longer guarantee us any parking spaces. 'just get there early,' I hear you say. Unfortunately, they have full capacity whilst the early morning park run happens (that was a very quick compressed summary.).

We have explored many different options- different start, different finish, change direction, change day etc. but we still run into the same parking problem at both ends of the lake. The infrastructure around the lake is poor for transport/parking, and with this size of the event and with the number of competitors, we need parking.

I particularly want to offer an apology to all at GBSUP and their competitors who were planning a full weekend of racing with day 2 events happening at Windermere Jetty Museum; having raced sup for many years, I appreciate the disappointment this news may bring. Daz"

We are deeply sorry for this decision, and we want to express our gratitude to Daz, who has been working tirelessly over the last few days to find an alternative solution since we were informed of the venue's change of commitment to the Summer Solstice event. We were very much looking forward to putting on this two-day event, and to see so much work now pushed aside is heartbreaking for all our team.


Ticket Refunds and Transfers

All competitors are eligible for either a full refund, or they can transfer their entry to any event in our 2023 calendar. This includes our Ocean Tech Series and National Champs at Bray Lake.

How can you select your ticket refund or transfer option

A form will be sent to all competitors today (Monday, 22nd May) with options for a full refund or transfer to another event. This form will need to be completed by Friday, 26th May. This is the easiest way for us to manage this process, and it will only take a moment of your time to complete.

Please do not contact us in any other way to request your refund or transfer.


Flatwater Distance Series

To complete a full series of 3 events, we propose using the Distance race at our National Championships as our third event. We will take results from this race and draw our standings from Cardiff, Bewl Water and Bray Lake results.


We hope you understand why this decision has been made, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Scott Warren

Events Director

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