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British National Championships 2023

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Change of Date & Location Announcement and Championship Format Details

It's all change for this year's British National Championships as top-flight racing in the UK returns to Bray Lake Watersports.


So why the change?

This year's championships were set to return to last year's venue of Holme Pierrepont in Nottingham. Due to logistic challenges around this year's event, we could not achieve our ambition of having a full championship offering across our three disciplines of Sprint, Technical and Distance. The National Sprint Championships will remain on the current date and venue of June 4th. Further details and entries to follow shortly.

And what about the change of date?

Summer is a particularly busy time for SUP events and our host venues, so a shift to September was chosen to accommodate our needs for an action-packed day of competition. Our hosts Bray Lake Watersports will be able to offer us full support with safety cover, catering by their on-site cafe team and the use of their facilities without overcrowding the site.

What's the plan?

The finer details are yet to be confirmed, but we have an initial event plan for the one-day spectactular:

  • Sprint Competition - 200m distance with a minimum of 2 heats to reach the final

  • Technical Competition - 3 to 4km technical race

  • Distance Competition - 8km distance race


What titles are available at this year's championships?

For 2023 we have two options for paddlers to compete.

  1. British National Champions - Top honours with paddlers competing in our 14' Hardboard Open fleet, which anyone can enter regardless of their Board Category and Age Group.

  2. Fleet & Age Group Titles - Titles awarded to our other Race Fleet and Age Groups winners.


2023 British National Champions Criteria

The following criteria will apply:

  • Paddlers must compete in the 14' Hardboard Open Fleet for the British National Champions Title.

    • The finishing order and times from the Technical and Distance results will be used.

    • Paddlers must reach the final of the Sprints to be eligible for the British National Champion Title.

    • Times from the Sprints final will be used during the combined time calculation.

    • Anyone can enter this category regardless of which fleet they normally paddle in.

Fleet & Age Group Titles Criteria

The following criteria will apply:

  • The finishing order and times from the Technical and Distance race results will be used.

  • A paddler's fastest time in the Sprints will be used in the calculation regardless of whether they made the final.

  • Paddlers compete in their Board Category and Age Group as appropriate.


Fleet & Age Groups

Here are the fleets you can enter for this year's National Championships:

  • 14' Hardboard

  • 14' iSUP

    • Age Groups available

      • Open*

      • Senior

      • Masters

      • Veterans

      • Grand Kahunas

  • Nisco (One Design fleet)

    • Open Age Group

*The Open Age Group only applies to the 14' iSUP category for the Fleet & Age Group titles. In the 14' Hardboard fleet, any paddler who fits into the Open Age Group will automatically compete for the British National Title.


Additional Rules & Results Calculation

Any Fleet & Age Group which does not have a minimum of 3 entrants will be combined with the next appropriate fleet.

Final Results Calculation

We combine a paddler's finish times from the three competitions for the final results according to the abovementioned criteria. With each race being a different distance, we use a calculation metric to ensure the results are formulated to the smallest distance of 200m. This ensures that fair and comparable results can be obtained across the three distances.


Tickets & Entry Details

Prices are £45 per ticket, which includes entry to all three races on the day.

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