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Why Volunteer with GBSUP?

Here at GBSUP, we rely entirely on volunteers. We believe volunteers are integral to delivering all of our business operations and staging our events throughout the year.

Volunteers offer community interest companies and event organisers like ours a wide knowledge base and a range of skills to assist with tasks such as running competitions, delivering event-based activities, liaising with competitors, working with media and security teams and providing services for athletes, sponsors, spectators and other organisations associated with the sport.

Volunteers with wide-ranging work experience also contribute to the success of our paddling events by providing much-needed legal or accounting advice, marketing assistance and hospitality and catering management services. Volunteers give their knowledge, skills and experience, which is a great source of economic value in support of each event or overall business operations.

Building our volunteer network is essential to help us build the future.

The goals from our 5-year plan are defined, and the development of these initiatives is well underway. So, in addition to the normal business operations and event roles, key volunteer roles underpin the delivery of key initiatives.

A reminder of some of these goals are:

  • Have a complete regional model across the UK

  • Run regional, national and UK championship events

  • Selection events for Team GB (Wales, Scotland, NI, Channel Islands & England)

  • Fully developed Junior racing model

  • Establish rotational ‘national’ series & championship events


With engagement and support from the paddling community and willing volunteers, we can take GBSUP forward and make the steps needed to deliver an inclusive racing series for all.

If you have time and want to bring your skills to help GBSUP move forward, please follow this link and complete the form at the bottom of the page.


We look forward to seeing you on the start line in 2023.

Happy paddling.

The GBSUP team.

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