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2023 National Series Rules Update

Following our first race of the season, we are introducing some updates to our rules and results presentation to improve your race-day experience.

Please check out the video below by our Events Director, Scott Warren, to hear about these updates and what that means for you.


Check out some of the images from Cardiff and visit P3T Photography for more.


Update Key Points

Drafting Rules

  • Paddlers will now be able to draft across their fleet. A paddler's fleet is now their Board Category and Gender. Paddlers will still be competing in their Age Group, and this is their competitive class that is scored on the day and for the series results.

Results Presentation

  • Overall results within the 14' HB & iSUP fleets will now be presented on Webscorer. Overall positions are not scored, and there will not be an overall series standings within the 14' HB & iSUP fleets. A paddler's series results will be calculated from their competitive class and formed from their best two results.


Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you on the start line.

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