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Entry to the 2023 National Series is now easier than ever before.

Follow the below links to webscorer to enter the respective series or the individual events within.  
2023 national level comp events.png
No upcoming events at the moment


Step 1 - Choose the Series or Event you want to enter
You can enter the full Flatwater Distance or Ocean Tech series (3 races in each) with one entry for 2023. You can also enter the individual events in their own right.


Step 2 - Choose your Race Category
Choose from our Race Categories or enter the Challenge Tour
the Race Categories are:

  • Hardboard up to 14'

  • iSUP up to 14'

  • Naish Nisco

  • Prone Paddleboard


Step 3 - Select your Age Group** 
If you're entering either the Hardboard or iSUP up to 14' categories, select from the following Age Groups

  • Juniors (12-17)

  • Open (18 - 29)*

  • Senior (30 - 39)

  • Masters (40 - 49)

  • Veterans (50 - 59)

  • Grand Kahunas (60+)

*Any paddler may choose to enter the Open Age Group
**The Naish Nisco, Prone Paddleboard and Challenge Tour are all O
pen Age Group


Step 4 - Enter through Webscorer
After deciding on the above, follow the appropriate links to the respective series or individual event entries. You must have a Webscorer account to enter, and please check your details. 

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